Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Why is it that some caterers think an acceptable vegetarian meal is formed by simply removing the meat option from the plate? Even if the meat wasn't literally on the plate, I don't know any vegetarians that are going to get excited about eating the "sides dishes". And doubling the amount of "side veggies" served does not increase the excitement about eating it.

The last two banquets that I've been to at hotels have simply served the predominant meat-centered dish without the meat for the "vegetarian alternative". The fact that they didn't even do a great job with cooking the vegetables makes it even worse. If you're a caterer/restaurant owner/cook who thinks this is an acceptable way of feeding vegetarians, the least you could do is ensure the veggies are cooked right. Adding salt and/or fat (butter/margarine/whatever) does not make overcooked & slimy vegetables more appetizing.

Please don't insult my taste buds by trying to serve that crap and calling it "vegetarian". And please don't insult my financial savvy by try to pass it as a meal worth paying more than the cost of frozen veggies at the grocery store. And, for the hard-working chefs who actually do have talent in terms of cooking, please don't kid yourself into thinking your food is notable because some fool made the mistake of letting you into a kitchen.

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