Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cheap Chomps at Barnaby's

Though I've definitely heard about various "Recession Specials" (and Recession Gimmicks, under the same guise), the best one I've personally experienced are the $1 brownies at Barnaby's Cafe in Houston. I thought the brownies would be small or taste mass-produced, but they are delicious and certainly worth more than the four quarters for which one can be procured. They're only $1 until the Dow goes back up to 11,000 points, so act quick (or take your time if you aren't confident about the stock market bouncing back to life any time soon).

These brownies are amazingly chocolately. They would go well with a creamy beverage or warmed up and served with some ice cream. Or simply devoured straight off the plate, which is my preferred plan of attack for today.

Additional Recession Specials at Barnaby's include $1 coffee, $2 cappuccinos, and $7 steak plates for a limited time. Help stimulate the economy and fill your belly with deliciousness!


Anonymous said...

what do they put in the brownies to make it so gooey?

Ms. RY said...

@Anonymous That's a good question--presumably, the answer is butter!