Saturday, January 31, 2009

More farmers' market goodness!

I visited Houston's Midtown Farmer's Market (MFM) today. It is a lot smaller than my usual Farmer's Market. Since knew that I'd be able to find the few things on my list that week at MFM, I decided to go for a change of routine.

Soon after arriving, I thought it had been a bad decision to go to MFM when I discovered there had apparently been a run on mozzarella cheese earlier in the morning. The Dairymaids' stash of mozzarella had already been exhausted and it was one of only two things that I was in search for! Who knew that 18 pounds of mozzarella could disappear in only a few brief hours. The Dairymaids' Hoja Santa tempted me with its smoothness that carried a subtle kick to it. I had been on a mission to procure cheese for lasagna, however, and settled for a cave Gruyere that had a better Italian fake ID.

Next, I went to find eggs. Alas, I found a bunch of empty egg palates at a table that was being cleared. Luckily for me, the vendor at the table next to this one asked what I was looking for and also had what I needed! Luck was turning around! While her neighboring farmer had indeed been cleared out of eggs, she had one last dozen. One of the eggs was actually broken, so she gave me a discount that sounded pretty good.

As I began to head out, I was distracted by the most ugly sweet potatoes that ever existed. Perhaps I was suckered in by the friendly charm of the weathered-looking farmer who convinced me to "just come take a look." I decided to buy two of the ugly sweet potatoes and he gave me a free white sweet potato and bunch of baby bok choi for free, so it ended up being a good deal for me.

All in all, I spent only $12 for a decent amount of yummy goodness! While Farmers' Markets are not always as convenient or consistent as your big box grocery store, they are fun and good deals can certainly be found.

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